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1800 Pure CBD is one of the most premier and exciting producers of fine CBD products in the nation, offering many cannabidiol products in various formats for a diverse range of customers. Our manufacturing methods are bar-none for standards of excellence, and our CBD is always derived from wholly organic, Colorado-based hemp plants. Our products range from flavorful and fun vape juices to body salves, oils, edibles and more.

Best of all, 1800 Pure CBD is on the leading edge of developing new and novel cannabidiol products, and we are responsive to our customers’ ever-growing list of needs and desires. We listen to our customers. When they say they want another kind of product, we make it. We never compromise on quality. And we stay in touch with current CBD market trends and research. As a result, 1800 Pure CBD has extremely loyal customers that come back to us time and time again because they trust our quality and our level of expertise and experience working with CBD products.

CBD Drops
CBD Drops


We look forward to a world that contains a marketplace where customers from all walks of life can obtain the CBD products they desire, no matter their motivations or needs.


1800 Pure CBD’s mission is to empower our customers, no matter their level of experience with cannabidiol products, by providing them with access to products that are always non-GMO and organic, innovative and crafted with care to provide the best CBD supplement experience possible.

Our Process

1. Sourcing

Together with our Colorado-based partner farms and extraction labs, we select organically grown, non-GMO hemp plants prime for extraction.

2. Quality Control

Every drop of our cannabidiol extracts is quality checked by an independent control lab to ensure it meets the highest standards of purity, consistency and naturally occurring beneficial molecules found in cannabidiol without including any psychoactive THC. Our quality control partner lab also ensures that no synthetic materials make their way into the raw cannabidiol we include in our completed products.

3. Supervision

With the exception of our partner lab that performs quality control, we oversee the entire process, from planting the hemp to extracting the CBD to producing effective broad-spectrum CBD products for our customers’ use.


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