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Delta 8 THC- The Hot Product of 2020

In recent times, the world has witnessed an ever-increasing debate on the issue of the cannabis plant, which is also known for its scientific name cannabis sativa. The controversies surrounding the plant, in most cases, is in relation to its use, benefits, side effects, as well as its legality or illegality among several other things. What’s the truth about this issue? This article discusses this matter in great detail.

Cannabis has been in existence for many decades as it grows naturally in the wild. It is also cultivated as a cash crop by some individuals, either legally or illegally. It is a plant that consists of many chemical elements with one of the chemical elements being cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are known to network with many receptors in the body resulting in different effects on the mind and body.  

One of the popularly known cannabinoids is the Delta 8 THC. What is Delta 8 THC? How does it work and relate to the other cannabinoids? These and more other questions about the THC are discussed in this article. Continue reading to find out more.

What Is Delta 8 THC

Delta 8 THC is one of the four components of cannabinoids with the same THC psychoactive effect. However, it has many other unique factors that differentiate it from other cannabinoids and is different from what is commonly referred to as THC. This is unlike the Delta 9 THC whose THC component in the cannabis plant is the highest. 

Delta 8 THC is commonly confused with Delta 9 THC as the two have the same molecular structure but with noticeable differences. Effects like the reduction of nausea, stimulation of appetite, and the soothing of pain are similar when the two are used. The key difference lies with the psychoactive effect that is more in Delta 9 than in Delta 8.  

It is worth noting that there are several cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant other than Delta 8. This notwithstanding, there hasn’t been extensive research on many other cannabinoids other than Delta 8, Delta 9, CBD (cannabinoid), and other primary cannabinoids and not much is known about them.

The concentration of Delta 8 THC in cannabinoid is extremely low. Additionally, it is mostly recognized as THC that has degraded. This means that the component is not a direct product of the synthesis of cannabinoid in the cannabis plant but rather a product that is formed as a result of the long storage of THC.

Commercial producers of Delta 8 are known to use other methods to obtain Delta 8 in greater quantities. This includes selective breeding as well as the isolation of the plant’s molecules. This has enabled them to produce various Delta 8 THC products with the best products being sold by

How does Delta 8 THC Differ from Delta 9 THC

Delta 8 is different from Delta 9, from a chemical and structural point of view, with regard to the location of the chemical bonding the elements. The chemical bonds in cannabinoids are found on the carbon chain. The difference between the two is that Delta 8 bond is contained in the 8th chain while that of Delta 9 is contained in the 9th chain. This might look like a small difference. However, it makes a big difference when consumed as the endocannabinoid system response are reacted to the two in a significantly different way.

The other major difference between the two regards their stability. Delta 9 THC is known to have little stability, a fact that makes them easy to be oxidized (and change their form to Delta 8 when oxidized). On the other hand, Delta 8 is associated with more stability that makes them ideal for medicinal use. 

They also differ in strength with Delta 9 being twice as strong as Delta 8.

More difference between the two can be explained in the two points below.

  1. How they Act

Both molecules tend to bind CB1 receptors when consumed. However, CB1 receptors have more connection to Delta 8 due to their molecular structure that is slightly altered. Please note that most psychoactive effects caused by consuming THC are mediated by CB1 receptors.

The difference in binding to the CB1 receptors is the main reason why Delta 8 is associated with making the consumer more “high” while at the same time have less anxiety and improved concentration. Despite not being clearly established, there is a high likelihood that the difference in molecular structure is the cause of the different effects on other receptors as well as neural pathways.

  1. Entourage Effect

The entourage effect also referred to as the ensemble effect, refers to the principle that explains how THC works in the body when consumed. The principle explains why more effect is felt when THC is consumed together with various cannabinoid components and as well as other compounds found in the cannabis plant, like flavonoids and terpenoids, as opposed to when it is used alone as an isolated molecule.

The use of THC with other cannabinoid compounds is also known to produce more therapeutic benefits as opposed to when THC is isolated before use. An important thing to note here is that the above information is majorly tied to Delta 9. However, the molecular resemblance of the two could be an indication that the same applies to Delta 8- more effect is felt when it is consumed before the THC content is isolated.

Do you Get High by Ingesting Delta 8 THC?

The issue of whether Delta 8 THC makes its users high after consuming it is another controversial issue. This is based on the response of several users some of whom claim it gets them high while others claiming the substance gives no psychoactive effects on them. What is the truth about this? 

Just like CBD, Delta 8 THC binds themselves to the same receptors in the body’s nervous system, also referred to as CB1. However, the reaction caused by the two is different. This is mainly due to the structure of molecules that are different in the two substances, despite being the same. As such, most Delta 8 THC users have claimed not getting high after using the substance. This feeling is, in many ways, different from that achieved after ingesting Delta 9 THC.

Having said that, it is important to note that people are different and will react differently to the substance. The question of the quantity of dose ingested and the tolerance capability of the user also come into play. To top it up, THC content tends to differ from one product to another with some sellers’ products having higher THC levels than indicated by them.

How to Use Delta 8 THC

The percentage of Delta 8 THC in the cannabis plant is extremely low. This means that the compound cannot be felt when the whole plant is ingested. It is for this reason that the compound is turned into distillate to enable their consumption. It is turned into a thick colorless liquid that is similar to CBD distillate. To be able to obtain the compound from a cannabis plant, several processes have to be completed starting with the extraction of the compound from the cannabis plant.

After the distillation of Delta 8 THC, the resulting distillate can be consumed in several ways. The first method involves mixing the distillate with a bunch of flowers that are then inhaled by the user. They can also be ingested through the mouth (oral ingestion) as the distillate has been proven to be edible. However, it has not been established if the oral ingestion of Delta 8 THC could lead to any health consequences. Delta 8 THC edible products are readily found in the market and are sold by

The other way to consume the compound, and which amounts to the most popularly used method, is to use cartridges. A weed pen is then used to vaporize the substance to enable its consumption. The following are the steps involved to consume the substance with a cartridge;

  • The first step is to attach the Delta 8 distillate cartridge product to a battery. Please note that not all batteries are compatible with your cartridge.
  • You should then proceed to put your nose around the cartridge’s mouthpiece. You can then consume the product by inhaling deeply.
  • For best results, you should ensure that you take at least 4 seconds inhaling the substance

While using the cartridge to ingest the THC isolate, you should go slowly if it is your first time using it. There is also a possibility that inhaling the substance will lead to some discomfort around the nose.

Also remember to store your THC distillate away from direct rays of the sun, preferably in a cool area. You should also store it right to ensure it does not leak.

What are the Benefits of Ingesting Delta 8 THC?

There has not been much research on Delta 8. However, the limited research conducted so far points to the possibility that there are several benefits of using the substance. At the moment, there are many patents with regard to the methods of producing distillate. This brings hope that more information about the safety of the product will be revealed in the coming days.

Delta 8 is associated with many benefits when ingested. The following are some of them.

  1. Helps in Treating Cancer

According to research conducted by several health bodies, including the National Cancer Institute, Delta 8 has been found to be among the cannabinoids that have an effect in reducing the growth of cancerous growth in the body.

The research done was more specific on Delta 8 and 9 as well as cannabinol (CBN) that were found to have a stronger effect in reducing the growth of Lung-related adenocarcinoma cell in vivo and vitro. Additionally, the substance has been established to have the same effect on other cancer-causing cells in the body.

  1. Appetite Stimulation

Delta 8 THC ingestion has also been found to have strong effects on the stimulation of appetite. The research that was conducted on mice, which have the same effect on humans, was found not only to help in appetite stimulation but improve the cognitive functions of the person ingesting it as well, while at the same time not having major side3 effects associated with cannabis use.

The above facts, however, are only possible if the substance is ingested in small quantities. As such, Delta 8 becomes an effective therapeutic solution in the treatment of some common health problems like weight loss.

  1. Nausea Problems

Those experiencing nausea problems can seek a solution in Delta 8 that has been proven to help with such problems. This is possible without having major side effects even when used by small children.

When used in children, the substance is taken as an edible oil to help in treating nausea with many users reporting a complete reduction of vomiting problems. While this may come with some side effects, the side effects are insignificant.

  1. Treating Pain

This is a commonly known fact going by the many people using cannabinoid products to relieve pain. Delta 8 is not left out in this regard and has been found to be effective in dealing with pain. 

The most commonly used method to treat pain using Delta 8 is to use them as a topical oil. Thankfully, there are currently many Delta 8 topical products in the market that help treat pain in different parts of the body with remarkable results. 

  1. Neuro-protective capabilities

Delta 8 has equally been found to have the capability of offering neuroprotection when consumed by humans. This is based on its effect on the activities of the brain. While the specific research was done on several cannabinoids, the effectiveness of Delta 8 was the most noticeable with its effects felt a few minutes after being ingested.

Delta 8 THC Side Effects

While Delta 8 THC and its related products cannot be said to be completely free of side effects, the potential side effects from its consumption are minimal and insignificant. This is especially true when it is compared to other drugs found in the market. At the same time, not much research has been conducted on the substance. However, the limited research has established that the Delta 8 has numerous benefits that are associated with the cannabis plant while at the same time having fewer side effects compared to other cannabinoids like Delta 9 THC.

The above facts notwithstanding, Delta 8 is still known to be a THC product. As such, any product derived from the cannabis plant and possessing THC is known to cause psychoactive effects when consumed and should be ingested with keen. Delta 8 is associated with lower levels of THC. However, its consumption in large doses will lead to more psychoactive effects. To avoid this, users are advised to take small doses when they are starting out and increase doses slowly as they develop more tolerance to the substance.

Delta 8 has also been proven to have no psychoactive effects meaning that the person consuming it cannot get high. This cannot be guaranteed if large doses of the substance are taken by an individual. The lack of getting its user high is based on the low THC content and can only hold if consumed with caution.

Another possible side effect of using Delta 8 is the change in the user’s eyes. This is in effect to the eyes turning red in color but is more possible if large doses are taken.

Is Delta 8 THC Legal?

There has been a lot of talk about the legality of Delta 8 THC and its related products. Well, the answer to this question is both yes and no depending on the method of extraction used. This is explained in detail below.

The passing of the Farm bill of 2018 served top legalized various cannabinoids derived from the hemp plant including its isomers and derivatives. This was on condition that they will contain a THC level of below 0.3%. 

For your information, both Delta 8 THC and CBD have the same molecule content but are differently arranged. All the Delta 8 THC products sold by are derived from hemp as well as CBD with the resulting extracts having a Delta 9 THC content of below 0.3%. This makes them legal products that can be bought and consumed without having any problems with the law.

Another major confusion about Delta 8 THC’s legality arises from the content of the Federal Analogue Act. The law forms part of several other laws contained in the Controlled Substance Act that has a list of illegal substances. Delta 8 THC is one of the illegal substances mentioned. However, the introduction of the Farm Bill of 2018 set a different stage for Delta 8. This is with special regard to a clause found that amends the Controlled Substance Act with the effect of making all THC with low content level, including Delta 8 THC, legal.

Please contact your lawyer to clarify, this is not a legal advice.

Why is there little information on Delta 8 THC?

Much about the Delta 8 THC substance and products related to it has grown to be a mystery that is unraveling at a small pace. There is no doubt that the information circulating about the substance is little and inadequate. This is clearly seen by the many questions being asked about the substance, most of them with no clear answer.

Well, the main problem with Delta 8 THC regards the laws and regulations that surround it, which are complicated and generally misunderstood by the public. Part of the problem could be its relation to Delta 9 THC that is considered an illegal substance by the federal laws of the United States. Under these laws, Delta 9 THC forms part of the drugs classified as Schedule I substances.

For the above reasons, conducting research that is based on Delta 8 THC is not only a difficult thing to do, but also comes at a high cost. This has served to limit the number of researches done on the substance with the few being conducted by highly established organizations that can work their way through the strict regulations and also afford the whole process in terms of finances.

Much of the confusion about Delta 8 THC arises from the fact that it is associated with the cannabis plant, which is an illegal substance in the United States. However, it is not considered illegal if it is derived from hemp. Hemp is a plant that is closely linked to cannabis. However, it is bred using special methods to ensure it has intoxicating levels with a total percentage of not more than 0.3%.


Delta 8 THC and its related products have grown to become very popular in the market with its users growing in numbers every day. This is not a surprising fact judging by the several benefits that are attained by ingesting the substance with no major side effects. In fact, the consumption of the product does not lead to any psychoactive effects on the users’ mind.

There’s also a growing controversy regarding its legality. This article has cleared this issue to the effect that the product is indeed legal to buy or consume. Additionally, they are readily found in the market with being one of the leading sellers.

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