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Helpful Tips on How to Use CBD

The popularity of CBD has been growing ever since it was first introduced to the market years ago. The main reason for this growing trend in the use of the useful substance is based on the several benefits it brings to the person using it. This ranges from pain relief, anxiety reduction, as well as the treatment of many conditions affecting human beings.

He above fact notwithstanding, much of CBD use is still not known to many people. While it has the potential of helping with different things, its relatively new entrance in the market has served to bring about widespread confusion over its use. However, this article is going to make it clear on the proper use of CBD and related products.

Determine your Need for CBD

It goes without saying that the first step in ensuring the proper use of CBD is determining your need for the substance. What problem are you looking to solve by using CBD? This is an important question considering its many uses that include the following.

Pain Relief – CBD is known to have strong effects in relieving pain. CBD cream for pain is a popular product in the market due to its effectiveness in dealing with pain.

Anxiety Reduction – The substance is also proven to help in the reduction of stress and anxiety. Use of CBD has calming effects on its users that help to reduce anxiety.

Medical Conditions – CBD is known to help in certain conditions like cancer. Despite not having the ability to cure the disease, it can help patients to cope with the disease. For cancer patients, for example, it helps to relieve pain as well as stimulate appetite, a fact that helps the patient deal with the disease. 

Treatment of Skin Conditions – While not having the ability to cure, CBD serves to help ease the symptoms associated with many skin conditions. Using CBD for inflammation is known to help with skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis among others.

Different Forms of CBD

Another important thing to know is the different forms CBD can take and what they most suitable for. It is worth noting that CBD can take many different forms. This includes the following.

CBD Oils – These are oils that are extracted from the hemp plant. CBD oils are liquid-based and can be used by applying on affected parts or mixing with other products.

CBD Pills – These take the form of pills or capsules. They are used by ingesting them through the mouth, orally.

CBD Cream – These take the form of topical creams and are mostly used to treat skin conditions or relieving pain. Most beauty products use CBD as the main ingredient in their topical cream products that include CBD cream for pain.

CBD Edibles – These take different forms that can be used orally. A common CBD edible are the gummy bears with CBD as an ingredient.

CBD Vapes – These take the form of wax, dabs or vape juice that have high CBD concentrations.

It has become common for users to make CBD edibles by mixing and consuming CD and alcohol. A majority of these people are driven by the anxiety reduction, a property found in both CBD and alcohol, and the belief that using the two will lead to stronger effects. This is not true and should be avoided at all costs.

What is the Ideal CBD Dosage?

Another common problem among CBD users relates to the ideal CBD dosage. Questions relating to; how much CBD should I use is a common thing to hear among CBD users. Sadly, these question has not been properly addressed.

The most important thing is first knowing your need for CBD. This is because your intended need for the substance can help determine the correct dosage. For example, an eczema patient or a person looking to ease pain using CBD will, obviously, use topical-based CBD products. As such, the best thing to do is to apply the product using a quantity that is enough to cover the affected part of the skin. On the other hand, a cancer patient using CBD pills for appetite stimulation will need to know the correct CBD dosage. In most cases, the CBD product for such people will be as a result of the doctor’s prescription. As such, the doctor will provide them with the ideal dosage to use.

The question of how much CBD should I use also comes down to the tolerance. Please note that the effects of CBD use will vary from one individual to the other. While a new user will need less CBD to feel its effects, more experienced users will need more due to the tolerance they have developed while using the product. As such, it is important for a person to know their body to be able to estimate their ideal CBD dosage.

CBD vs. Hemp Oil-Which is Good?

Another common confusing I CBD use regards the question of CBD vs. hemp oil-which is good? To start with, both CBD and hemp are derived from the same plant but using different methods. As such, they become two different products that majorly has to do with their CBD content.

In as far as their effect is concerned, there is no big difference between the two. However, the effects in CBD are stronger than those found in hemp. At the same time, hemp is cheaper than CBD. As such, the question as to which is best between the two comes down to the individual user.


In this article, the proper use of CBD has been discussed. The article has started by mentioning the different users of the substance. It has also looked at the different forms of CBD and what each form is most suitable for. Most importantly, the article has discussed the ideal CBD dosage based on a number of factors. While CBD is associated with several benefits, such benefits can only be attained if the correct CBD product is used and following the correct dosage. 

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