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The Truth about CBD Products in 2020

CBD, an acronym for cannabinoid, is a product that is attained after extracting the cannabis plant, also referred to as marijuana. It is one among several cannabinoids, which is a term referring to the chemicals that occur naturally in the cannabis plant. 

Despite popular belief, the use of CBD oil does not have any psychoactive effects- the effect that makes a person feel high. This is a feeling that can only be attained after consuming THC, tetrahydrocannabinol, which is also contained in marijuana. 

The recreational use of marijuana, either legally or illegally, has led to a lot of confusion about CBD and CBD products. However, a lot of information has been provided lately to inform the masses about the difference in CBD and marijuana. For a better understanding, this article will share with you all you need to know about CBD.

CBD vs. Hemp Oil- Is there a Difference?

A lot of people do not know the relation between CBD and hemp oil. To start with, both CBD and hemp oil are derived from the same plant, the cannabis sativa plant. They, therefore, share many similar properties.

The confusion with regard to CBD and hemp has been given more weight by marketers, some of whom interchange the two and make them look as one. Well, this is not a surprise. Why would a product marketer use CBD and hemp to mean the same thing? Let’s find some answers below.

Both CBD and hemp are used as ingredients to manufacture the same products, including skincare products. However, CBD is more expensive than hemp. As such, some marketers will manufacture their products using hemp but market them and CBD to gain more profits. The question of CBD vs hemp oil also comes down to legality. Hemp is illegal in some areas and marketers will brand their products like CBD to evade being on the wrong side of the law.

Having stated the above facts, it is also worth mentioning that CBD and hemp have several differences. Some of these are shared below.

  • While both of them come from the cannabis sativa plant, different parts of the plant are used to obtain each.
  • Many different varieties of the cannabis sativa plant can be used to obtain CBD oil while hemp oil can only be obtained from the hemp plant, which is a specially bred type of cannabis.
  • CBD is legally allowed to contain a THC content of more than 0.3% while the same cannot be said about hemp oil.
  • The entourage effect cannot be achieved by using hemp oil due to the absence of cannabinoids. The same cannot be said about CBD oil.
  • Hemp oil has been in the market for decades, unlike CBD oil that was only introduced recently.

Can I Consume CBD and Alcohol Together?

The growth of CBD has been on an upward trajectory over the recent few years. The beneficial use of the cannabis-based compound has served to make it a popular ingredient in several different products including beauty products. The latest trend has been to mix CBD and alcohol with some bars having CBD cocktails. Is this safe? 

The ability of alcohol in the reduction of inductions as well as enable feelings of relaxation has been known for a long time. At the same time, the use of CBD is strongly associated with reduced anxiety among several other factors. This has led some users to believe that mixing the two will bring in stronger feelings of relaxation. 

The few cases of research on CBD has served to make it unable to determine the truth about the relation between the two. In an old study, for example, the findings were to the effect that the use of CBD and alcohol served to increase the feelings attained by the user. However, the act was associated with a number of side effects that include the following.

  • The user would have a strong sedation effect and would experience sleepiness.
  • The user would experience increased changes in their mood as well as behavior.
  • The user would not be able to operate machinery well due to poor impairment.

Despite this, some of the latest researches have pointed to the possibility of some benefits by mixing the two. Below are some of them.

  1. Cell Damages and Disease

Excessive consumption of alcohol is known to cause extensive damages to the skin due to skin inflammation. The same can also lead to the development of some chronic diseases like liver cirrhosis among others.

CBD, on the other hand, is known to have anti-inflammatory effects. This has led many to use CBD for inflammation problems with many people reporting good results. CBD works by increasing the production of new cells thereby treating some of these disorders.

  1. Helps Recovering Alcohol Addicts

CBD has also been found to help recovering addicts by reducing some of the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol use. They are also effective in dealing with the urge to drink. As such, it not only helps to reduce the temptation to drink but also help recovering addicts to avoid having a relapse.

To benefit from this CBD therapeutic property, they have to be consumed in different forms ranging from CBD pills to using inhalers.

What is the Ideal CBD Dosage?

How much CBD should I take? This is a common question among several CBD users. Sadly, no clear answer has been given to this question. The truth is; there’s no clear answer. 

CBD dosage mostly comes to individual users with each user requiring different dosages. A beginner will, in most cases, take less dosage as opposed to an experienced user.


This article has shared all you need to know about CBD and its related products. The many benefits of CBD have led to the manufacture of different products using it as the main ingredient. This includes beauty products and CBD cream for pain. The article has discussed important issues like the ideal CBD dosage as well as the effects when used together with other products like alcohol.

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